A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 79 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 79 Summary

Jon spars with Iron Emmett, a vicious swordsman. He is about to lose when he recalls a game he once played with Robb. They would duel while pretending to be heroes and lords. Jon had wanted to be Lord of Winterfell, but Robb had told him it was impossible. Furious at the memory, Jon attacks Iron Emmett and only returns to his senses after he has defeated him. He realizes that he wants to be Lord of Winterfell, but doing so would mean facing the truth about something he has always guiltily denied himself. It would also mean feeding Winterfell's great weirwood to Melisandre's fire god. He goes walking and finds Ghost. Jon returns to Castle Black and learns that Stannis has ordered the men to choose their new Lord Commander. Until they do, they will not be allowed to eat. Dolorous Edd has put forward Jon's name for contention, which infuriates Janos Slynt. When a raven that looks like Mormont's raven pops out of a kettle saying "Snow!" the men overwhelmingly vote for Jon. Pyp tells Jon that it was all Sam's doing. His dreams of Winterfell behind him, Jon leaves the hall with a wineskin and prepares to face Stannis, who will no doubt be furious.