A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 74 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 74 Summary

Arya recognizes the inn where the Hound has taken them, and she warns him against going inside. The Hound insists that they go in because he wants wine and because they need information. Inside, however, they find Polliver and the Tickler, two of Ser Gregor's men. There also have a squire with them, who mocks Sandor for being fleeing the Battle of Blackwater. They announce that Joffrey is dead, which thrills Arya, and that Sansa and Tyrion killed him. As she watches them talking, Arya realizes that the Hound is just like Ser Gregor's men. They explain how Gregor took the Harrenhal and suggest that Clegane should come with them. When Clegane refuses, Polliver reaches behind his back for a knife. Clegane engages the men, while Arya throws things at them. She is soon face to face with the squire, unarmed. She draws his knife from its sheath and stabs him in the stomach. She looks up and Polliver and the Tickler seem to have corned the Hound. He attacks and kills Polliver before turning on the Tickler. Arya sneaks up behind him, stabs him, and shouts, "Is there gold in the village?" remembering how the Tickler tortured villagers. The squire is still dying, and Clegane makes Arya give him the gift of mercy. She takes back Needle from Polliver and kills the squire. The Hound decides that they will make for the Saltpans to find a ship that will take them to the Vale. When they leave, the Hound tries to clean his wounds but they soon start to fester. When he asks Arya for the gift of mercy, she refuses to give it to him because he does not deserve it. She rides alone to the Saltpans, sells her horse, and goes to the docks. There, she finds a sailor from Braavos. She remembers the coin Jaqen H'ghar gave her. She presents it to the captain, and when she says, "Valar morghulis," he offers her a cabin as they cross the Narrow Sea.