A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 72 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 72 Summary

Jaime watches as King Tommen signs the documents Ser Kevan puts in front of him. Roose Bolton is made the Warden of the North, his bastard son is made legitimate, and the Freys are given the Riverlands. Bored, Jaime leaves worried about his swordsmanship. He has practiced with Ser Addam Marbrand; word must not get out that none of his skill remains. Certainly the golden hand that Tywin has given him will not help. When he sees the northmen preparing to leave, a girl introduces herself as Arya Stark. She is to wed Roose Botlon's son. When Jaime reaches the scene of Tyrion's trial by combat, he thinks about Ser Gregor, who seems to be dying of poison. Tywin insists that Gregor live, but only so that he can be executed by the king's justice. Varys reports that Stannis has left Dragonstone. Tywin hopes that Gregor's execution will keep Dorne from joining his cause. Jaime returns to his quarters, where he meets Cersei. Cersei is being sent back to Casterly Rock without her last son, Tommen. She is angry when Jaime presses that he is not ashamed of their relationship: he is only ashamed of the things he has done to keep it secret. They discuss the man that was sent to kill Brandon Stark, and Jaime realizes that it must have been Joffrey who sent the assassin when he heard Robert suggest that it would be a mercy. Cersei tries to convince Jaime to abandon the Kingsguard in exchange for letting her stay with Tommen. Jaime refuses and when she tries to seduce him, he refuses her again. He will not sleep with her within the White Tower. When he tells Cersei that he does not think Tyrion would lie to him about killing Joffrey, she announces that she and Tyrion have both lied to Jaime a thousand times. Jaime next goes to see Ser Loras, who announces that he is starting to believe Brienne's story, especially since Stannis's other enemies have died curiously as well. Jaime gives Brienne the sword Tywin had made for him. He names it Oathkeeper and asks Brienne to search the Riverlands for Sansa Stark, explaining that it is his last chance for honor. He returns to the White Book and records his defeat, maiming, and his return to King's Landing. Looking down at the page, Jaime reflects that he can write whatever he wants now.