A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 71 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 71 Summary

Daenerys has conquered Meereen. Meereen's streets are filled with the dying slavers who suffer for their crimes. Dany sits atop the Meereen's greatest pyramid, but even there Dany is annoyed by the buzzing flies. She meets with her council and agrees to have the corpses removed from the city. A messenger disappoints her when he announces that Astapor, which Dany had left in the hands of a council, is now ruled by King Cleon the Great, who had been a butcher before Dany liberated the slaves. Now, Cleon's messenger proposes that they ally themselves against Yunkai, even though Dany has promised peace with the Yunkai'i so long as they free their slaves. She next speaks to a trader captain, who announces that King Cleon is a butcher who has begun to create new Unsullied using the sons of the wealthy. He next asks leave to trade his goods for slaves. Dany explains that Meereen does not have slaves, but the trader tells her that the people are begging to be made slaves for sale in the Free Cities, where they will work as tutors and scribes, eat well, and sleep in soft beds. Dany announces that the people may sell themselves into slavery but they may not sell others. She realizes that she needs Ser Jorah and Ser Barristan, though she has not seen them since she sent them into the sewers to take the city. When they arrive, she asks why they betrayed her. Barristan explains that Robert had been a good knight, whereas Viserys has seemed to be another Mad King. He goes on to explain that he did not want to swear allegiance to Dany until he could confirm that she was not another tainted Targaryen. Dany allows Barristan back into her service. Ser Jorah, however, refuses to admit the shame of his treachery. Dany banishes him. Worried, Dany takes Irri to her bed and allows the handmaiden to pleasure her, but it does no good. Dany goes out that night and looks upon the city. She decides to stay in Meereen and rule it as a queen.