A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 64 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 64 Summary

Jon dreams that he is in the crypt beneath Winterfell. The busts of the Starks buried there tell him to leave; he is no Stark. He wakes, thinking of Ygritte. After the wildling attack on Castle Black, he found her body and burned it, as she would have wanted. When he hears a horn blow twice, he thinks it must be the Horn of Winter, but then remembers that the wildlings never found it. He goes to the Wall and looks down. It is night and the men can see only a little until they launch fire from the trebuchets. Jon and the others see the wildling army: mammoths, giants, and thousands of fighters. The wildlings attack the gate since there is no other way to beat the Wall. The gate leads to a narrow tunnel through the Wall, and there are murder holes through which the men of the Night's Watch the invaders. Donal Noye leads the fight in the tunnel and leaves Jon in command atop the Wall. They send everything they can at the wildling army. When the wildlings send a group of giants carrying a tree to ram the gate, Jon mocks the wildling army and commands the others to fire at the giants upon his command. They break the first wave and win the first battle. Jon goes to the tunnel to find Donal Noye. There, he finds Noye and his men dead at the hands of a giant, Mag the Mighty, the king of the giants. Jon decides that they will have to give the command to Ser Wynton Stout, the last knight left at the Wall. Maester Aemon tells Jon that Stout is too old to command any longer. Jon must lead them.