A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 63 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 63 Summary

Davos watches Melisandre and her followers as they chant around a fire. He wonders whether there will be more of them or fewer after he finishes his business. He gathers his followers and tells them to prepare, though they worry that Melisandre will have seen their plans in her fires. Davos decides to take the risk. He goes to Maester Pylos's chamber, where Edric Storm is studying. They take the boy to the sea, put him in a boat, and send him away. Davos next goes to the Chamber of the Painted Table, where he lights a fire and waits for Stannis to return. When he does return, Melisandre is with him. Joffrey is dead, she declares, and now Stannis must give her the boy so that they can raise the stone dragons. Davos confirms that Joffrey has died and announces that Edric Storm is no longer within their reach. Stannis is furious and asks how Davos could be so disloyal. Davos explains that his oath was to protect the people, and protecting Edric Storm was his way of carrying out his oath. He then points out that a king should protect his people or he is no king at all. Stannis listens. Davos kneels before his king and reads him a letter.