A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 61 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 61 Summary

Sansa can hear the bell tolling in the city, which, she realizes, means Joffrey is dead. Now, she has come outside of the city to meet with Dontos. As she changes into dark clothing that she smuggled out two nights before, Sansa notices that her there is an amethyst missing from her hairnet. Dontos had given her the hairnet, and he had told her that its amethysts were magic stones from Asshai. Did he kill Joffrey? When Dontos, drunk, arrives, he denies it. He takes her away to a cliff and they climb down a ladder to the shore below. There, they find a boat and a rower, whom Dontos greets as Oswell. The rower insists that they remain silent as they cross the water. When they arrive, Dontos leads Sansa on again until they meet Petyr Baelish, who is supposed to be in the Vale. Dontos asks for his payment—ten thousand dragons—and Petyr signals to his men, who, armed with crossbows, shoot and kill Dontos to silence him forever. When Sansa, stuttering, tries to ask why Littlefinger has done what he has done, he says, "Why should I wish [Joffrey] dead?" He explains that he had no motive. In the game of thrones, it is important to surprise the other players so that they can never predict one's next move. He tells Sansa that he loved her mother when they were young and that if he had been born to a more powerful house, Sansa might well have been his daughter.