Chapter 6 Summary

Sansa worries over an invitation that she has received from Margaery Tyrell, Joffrey's new betrothed. Margaery is to replace Sansa and already the smallfolk of King's Landing love her. She recalls how they tore her from her horse as well as that she only survived thanks to the Hound. Ser Loras, now a member of the Kingsguard, escorts Sansa to his sister. He is just as beautiful as Sansa remembers, but he does not remember her. When she mentions the tourney in which he unseated Robar Royce, Ser Loras states that he killed Royce laying siege to Storm's End. Sansa expresses sadness that Margaery must feel now that Renly has died, but it is Loras who seems distraught. Margaery is attended by many women, including her grandmother, Lady Olenna. Lady Olenna is sometimes called the "Queen of Thorns," and it does not take long for Sansa to realize why. Olenna speaks bluntly, referring to her son, Mace Tyrell, as the "lord oaf of Highgarden." She summons a fool, commands him to sing loudly, and then demands that Sansa tell them about Joffrey. Sansa reluctantly admits that Joffrey is a monster. They console her and suggest that Sansa come to Highgarden to marry Willas, the crippled Tyrell heir.