A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 59 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 59 Summary

Sansa wakes alone, looks out her window, and sees two clouds that look like castles merging into one. She calls upon her maids, who help her to prepare for Joffrey's wedding day. There is to be a feast with seventy seven courses that evening, but this morning they are summoned to eat breakfast with the queen, the Tyrells, and other nobles. When Tyrion returns home that morning, his clothing is dirty and he has already begun to drink wine. When they meet with the other nobles, everyone presents Joffrey with gifts. Tyrion gives Joffrey a history of four kings, a tome that every king should read declares Ser Kevan. Joffrey, however, is unimpressed. He is more impressed with the sword that Tywin gives him. It is made of valyrian steel. When Joffrey begins slashing the air with his new sword, which he names Widow's Wail, he nearly injures his Kingsguard. One of the men advises Joffrey to be careful with valyrian steel. Joffrey replies that he knows just how sharp valyrian steel is, and he turns and slice through the book Tyrion has given. Joffrey then tells Tyrion that he owes the king a new present. Tyrion suggests that he might give Joffrey a valyrian steel dagger with a dragonbone hilt. Joffrey looks sharply at Tyrion. As they leave, Tyrion reflects on the message sent by Joffrey's chopping the history in two. He also asks Sansa if Joffrey ever had a grudge against Bran.