A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 53 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 53 Summary

Tyrion does not enjoy supping with Sansa, whose constant apologies are interrupted only by her requests to pray in the sept and the godswoods. He learns that Sansa's family has been killed when he next sits with the small council. Frey has killed them, guest right be damned, and now they will make Roose Bolton the Warden of the North. Tywin claims that Bolton holds Arya Stark to solidify his rule. Tywin now plans to offer no retribution to any lord that comes back to them, save Vargo Hoat, who they will kill. Joffrey balks, demanding that they execute all of the rebels and explaining that a king should be bold, like his father, Robert. When he accuses Tywin of cowardice during the rebellion, Tywin has Joffrey taken away and fed dreamwine. He dismisses the council, save Cersei and Tyrion. He orders Cersei to rid Joffrey of any remaining devotion to Robert, explaining that they do not need another Robert. When she leaves, Tyrion suggests that Joffrey is more likely to turn into another Mad Aerys. Tywin suggests that Tyrion help him figure out a way to keep Oberyn and his men away from the Tyrells, though there have already been skirmishes in the city. Tyrion worries what will happen when Oberyn demands the justice he was promised. Tywin explains that they will not give up Gregor Clegane. Instead, they will claim that Amory Lorch killed Princess Elia and her babies. Lorch is already dead, killed in a bear pit in the Harrenhal, so Tyrion doubts that it will appease Oberyn's need for vengeance. When Tywin reminds Tyrion to father an heir on Sansa, the latter asks when she will be most fertile: before or after he explains that her mother and brother have been murdered?