A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 52 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 52 Summary

Arya is surprised when the gates to the Twins open. She mentions it to Clegane, who looks up and pushes her aside. He pulls a sword out from beneath the seat of his cart. It is only then that Arya sees the men, armed and armored, at the portcullis. They come out, charging, and the Hound rides to meet them atop Stranger. Although he killed Mycah, Arya still feels confused as she watches him charging the attacking Freys. One of the men rides at Arya and she throws a rock at him. It hits his temple and disrupts his charge. However, he does not turn aside and just when it seems that he will kill Arya, the Hound takes down the man from behind. He is now armed with a long axe. Arya demands that they go to find Robb. The Hound tells her that both Robb and their mother, Catelyn, are dead or else they would not be killing the northmen. Now, Arya must choose whether to come with him or to die inside the Twins with her family. Arya turns around immediately, running to the castle. The portcullis, however, is now closing, and she can hear the Hound chasing her from behind, just as he must have run down Mycah. She then feels his axe on the back of her head.