A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 50 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 50 Summary

Arya is disguised as a farmer's boy and Sandor Clegane is dressed as a farmer. They ride on a cart pulled by two old drays. Stranger, Clegane's horse, is tied to the cart. The Hound is wearing his armor but above it he wears a hooded cloak. The Hound has taken all of the equipment and the disguise at swordpoint from a large farmer, explaining to Arya that they will have to play a game to deliver Arya to Robb; otherwise, he will likely be brought before Robb in chains. When a knight and two squires approach them, they notice only the horse, which Clegane explains has been ordered to bring to the Twins as a gift from Old Lady Whent. The men let them pass, and Clegane continues that he has beaten the knight in several tourneys, but knights never see the smallfolk. They approach the Twins, where the feast has begun and music is being played very loudly. They are not allowed into the castle and instead are sent to the feast outside. Arya looks for Stark men, but she does not find any. When she notices some Karstarks and Umbers, she suggests that Clegane take her to them, but he refuses. He will deliver her only to Robb.