Chapter 5 Summary

Davos Seaworth sees a ship coming and wonders whether he should signal it. After the battle, Ser Davos tried to swim under the water beneath the ships and the wildfire. The last thing he remembers is drowning, but instead of dying Davos woke up on land. Davos was a smuggler before he served King Stannis. He smuggled onions past a blockade to Stannis to earn his knighthood and his nickname, the "Onion Knight," though the stern lord had still taken fingers as punishment. Davos would carry those fingers afterward in a thong around his neck, calling them his luck. Now, however, they are gone, as are his sons—Dale, Allard, Maric, Matthos, and Devan. The fire took everything, Davos thinks, and he remembers that they brought fire with them by supporting Melisandre, the red priestess. Davos, remembering, prays to the Mother for mercy and begs forgiveness for the reluctant and passive support he gave Melisandre, who burned the new gods in effigy and who gave birth to shadows that killed men. Now, he realizes that he still has something he must do with his life and he signals to the approaching ship. They see Davos and send a boat to collect him. He observes that they are Salladhor Saans's men, which means that they, like Davos, serve King Stannis.