A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 49 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 49 Summary

Catelyn is surprised by the Green Fork. The river has been strengthened by the recent rains, making it all but impossible for men to cross. It also means that Robb will need Walder Frey's castle, the Twins, and the bridge within it all the more. As they approach the Twins, Robb is determined to apologize to the Freys so that he can press north. Edmure worries over his soon to be bride, Roslin. Catelyn worries over everything,  but she is especially concerned about what Lord Frey is plotting. She advises Robb to ask for food and drink as soon as they enter so that he will be protected by guest right. When they do enter, Grey Wind refuses to go with them and so Robb leaves the direwolf outside with the majority of his host. Inside, Lord Walder Frey sits atop his dais with his eighth wife. His lackwit son, Jinglebell, sits at his feet dressed as a fool—and as a king. Is it a slight against Robb? Frey asks Robb to apologize to his many daughters and granddaughters, which Robb politely does. However, the rooms Frey provides them are comfortable, Roslin is beautiful, and the Freys serve bread and wine in anticipation for the coming wedding. When they enter the hall again for the feast, Catelyn and Robb meet with Lord Roose Bolton, who brings news and a strip of skin. His bastard son, Ramsay, explains Roose, has defeated the Ironmen to defend the north until they return, and he has taken Theon Greyjoy captive and is now flaying him. Catelyn asks him to put the flayed skin away. Bolton explains that most of his army was lost crossing the Trident, and now his forces are chiefly made up of his own men from the Bolton's Dreadfort. Robb thinks it will be enough for them to take back the north.