A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 47 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 47 Summary

Arya rides with Sandor Clegane on his horse, Stranger. The horse is kind to the Hound, but it bites at Arya when she tries to steal it so that she can escape. She has tried to escape, kill the Hound, and grab at a knife. But every time, Clegane catches her and warns her that he will beat her bloody if he catches her at it again. They come upon a river, which Arya takes for the Blackwater near King's Landing, though Clegane refuses to tell her where they are. They cross the ferocious river on a ferry, and one of the men dies when a tree rushes towards them. When they cross, Clegane pays the men with a note from Lord Beric Dondarrion promising payment in the future. He explains that knights have no honor and leaves the men. After, Clegane explains to Arya that he knew Sansa in King's Landing and that he saved her. Arya refuses to believe him, and she then surprises the Hound when she announces that she once met Sandor's older brother, Gregor. Sandor is incredulous at first, but laughs when he realizes that Gregor did not realize what he had in Arya: a gold ransom. He tells Arya that he means to kill Gregor some day. He also tells her that he is not taking her to King's Landing; the Hound is finished with Lannisters. Instead, he is taking her to the Twins for King Robb's "bloody wedding."