A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 46 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 46 Summary

Samwell hopes that he and Gilly have reached Whitetree. If so, he will know where they are. However, all of the wildling villages look the same. Sam decides that it does not matter where they are because the Wall is enormous, so if they continue south they will find it. They enter a hall, light a fire, and Gilly nurses her babe as the night falls. Sam sleeps next to her under his cloak. When he wakes up, Gilly is crying, explaining that they have come for the baby, which smells of life to them. Sam sees the wight: it's Small Paul, whose eyes glow like blue stars. Sam tells Gilly to leave and attacks Paul with his obsidian dagger, but it shatters on Paul's armor. Paul starts choking Sam, who desperately grabs wood from the fire and shoves it into the wight's mouth. Paul burns and the blue light leaves his eyes. When Sam leaves, he finds Gilly surrounded by the Others. It is hopeless until he sees a tree filled with ravens. They attack the wights. A man in black astride an elk calls to them, and Sam and Gilly rush to him. When Sam reaches the man, he notices that the man wears no gloves. His hands are black, cold, and stone hard.