A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 41 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 41 Summary

Jon and Ygritte argue when they come across the first watchtower in the Gift. Ygritte cannot believe that men would abandon such a castle. Jon explains that it is only a humble watchtower, and it was likely abandoned by men that grew tired of defending it against the wildling raiders. She tells him that the men should be ready to defend what is theirs if they mean to be free. Besides, the kings and lords are always telling people that they own the sky, the land, the apple trees when no one can own any of those things. Jon realizes that she is a wildling to the bone, though he cannot change the way he feels about her. How will he desert the wildlings to warn Castle Black, which is likely defended by few warriors if the Old Bear has not yet returned? They soon come upon a village next to a lake that has a watchtower on an island. Jon recognizes it as the tower where Queen Alysanne once stayed. That night, Styr summons Jon, though Ygritte follows. He has found an old man and commands Jon to kill him. Jon refuses, though Ygritte reminds him of how he slew the wildlings when he stole her. It is the same, she explains, but Jon still refuses. She slays the old man in anger. Before Styr can can do anything, a direwolf (Summer) attacks. Jon uses the distraction to make his escape. After, he notices that he has been shot with an arrow. As he pushes the arrow through his leg, he wonders if the feathers are gray like the ones that Ygritte uses. When he recovers, he continues riding to Castle Black.