A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 40 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 40 Summary

Bran soon recognizes the tower that stands in the middle of the island. It is surrounded by an abandoned village within the New Gift. When Brandon the Builder built the Wall, he gave the Night's Watch twenty-five leagues of land to the south for their sustenance. When Queen Alysanne rode her dragon Silverwing to the Wall, she doubled the the size of the Gift. Bran remembers that she stayed in the tower during that trip, and he tells Jojen and Meera that there is a causeway that will take them across the lake even though they do not have a boat. They enter the tower and find no way up but through a murder hole. Atop Hodor, Bran is able to pull it down and the four of them climb through. Bran would like to proceed to Castle Black, but Jojen explains that they will seek out one of the abandoned castles along the Wall to travel north into the wild. Through a window, they spot a group of men that set up camp. When a storm starts, Hodor starts screaming at the lightning. They worry that he will attract the attention of the men, who could betray them to their enemies. Bran reaches out to Hodor and touches the latter's mind to silence him. When they look out the window again, the men look like they may have heard Hodor. Bran slips into Summer's skin and smells the men. They smell of fear.