A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 32 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 32 Summary

Tyrion and Bronn survey the wreckage outside King's Gate. Ser Kevan was to take care of the rebuilding, but the news of another son killed has left Lord Tywin with no one but Tyrion to rely on. The smallfolk have returned, rebuilding their hovels outside the wall, but there is otherwise nothing but mud after the battle. On their way back, Tyrion ducks into a wine sink and meets with Symon Silver Tongue. He offers him gold and suggests that he travel to the Free Cities rather than singing his songs in King's Landing. The singer plays a song about Tyrion visiting Shae. Tyrion would prefer not to hear the song again, and the singer explains that he would accept an invitation to sing at Joffrey's wedding as payment for his silence. Tyrion leaves and orders Bronn to kill the singer. He returns to his quarters, when his father summons him. Lord Tywin chastises Tyrion for still not consummating his marriage. The marriage can be annulled until Tyrion takes Sansa's maidenhead. He shows Tyrion two swords, made from Ice, the Stark family's greatsword. He intends to give one to Joffrey and the other to Jaime. Tyrion explains that the crown cannot afford to rebuild the harbor and pay for Joffrey's extravagant wedding, but Tywin does not care and orders Tyrion to find the money. After, Grand Maester Pycelle enters, announcing that the Night's Watch has written requesting aid. They have sent word to all five kings. Tywin, irritated, suggests that Pycelle send a reply explaining that they cannot spare any men, that the Night's Watch choose a new Lord Commander, and that they pass on his regards to Lord Janos Slynt. Tyrion points out that the men of the Night's Watch choose their own Lord Commanders, but Tywin does not care.