A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 31 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 31 Summary

Jaime's stump still feels as though it is burning from where they seared the wound after cutting off his sword hand. He suffers a fever after his hand is taken. The Brave Companions, or "Bloody Mummers," as everyone else calls them, sit Jaime and Brienne astride the same horse, sometimes facing each other. They force her to clean up after him when he soils himself in his delirium. When Rorge and the others come to rape Brienne, Jaime yells out and screams when they kick his stump, which draws Vargo Hoat to them and saves Brienne. She thanks him. When they arrive at Harrenhal, they find Freys and Roose Bolton. Jaime learns that the Freys no longer support the Starks. He also learns that the Lannisters have defeated Stannis Baratheon after allying themselves with the Tyrells of Highgarden. Bolton finds Hoat's actions distasteful. He has Brienne taken to a lady's chambers and he orders them to leave Jaime alone. Jaime sees the Brave Companions' healer, Qyburn, who had been a maester until his chain was taken from him. Qyburn announces that Jaime will live, though he might have died if he had stayed in the wild another day or two.