Chapter 3 Summary

Arya leads Gendry and Hot Pie through the woods. They are fleeing the Harrenhal and Roose Bolton's men. They are not only escaped servants; they have taken food and horses, and Arya killed one of Bolton's guards in order to escape. Arya knows that Roose Bolton will not forgive her, but she also knows that he will send others, most likely the Bloody Mummers, after them. Arya hopes to reach the Trident, a river, and follow it to Riverrun, where her brother, Robb Stark, sits. When Gendry and Hot Pie ask why they are going there, however, Arya merely tells them that they will be safe there. Though they have a map, the three children struggle to figure out where they are. Arya has been navigating by the moss on trees. They ford rivers, hoping that they are going the right way. Though Arya would prefer to ride all night, she and Hot Pie are soon sleeping in their saddles. When they stop to set camp, Arya barely has the energy left to recite the names of the people that have wronged her and that she wishes dead. That night, she dreams that she is a wolf killing the Bloody Mummers with her pack.