A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 28 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 28 Summary

Sansa is so happy when her new gown is ready. She looks at herself in it and realizes that she is truly beautiful. Surely Willas will fall in love with her when he sees her. The Queen's own seamstress is there and Cersei herself eventually comes to see Sansa. She announces it a shame that Sansa has to marry "that gargoyle," though Sansa does not understand until Cersei puts a maiden's cloak around her shoulders. She looks at the direwolf emblem and remembers that it is her claim that matters. Cersei tells Sansa that she will wed Tyrion whether she wants to or not. Remembering that she is a Stark, Sansa decides to be brave. Joffrey stands as her father as king of the realm. There is a dance after the wedding and Garlan Tyrell tells Sansa that although she might love his brother Ser Loras, Tyrion will actually make her a better husband. There's more to the dwarf than most see. When Joffrey dances with her, he announces that he will sleep with her whenever he chooses; kings can take any woman to bed, he has learned. When it is time to take the couple to bed, Tyrion announces that he will not acquiesce and he threatens to geld Joffrey if the king commands it. Lord Tywin does his best to diffuse the situation. In the bedchamber, Tyrion and Sansa remove their clothes. Sansa is repulsed by Tyrion's ugliness. Tyrion is surprised by how young Sansa is. He offers to never touch Sansa until she is ready, but Sansa asks what he will do if she is never ready to sleep with him.