A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 25 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 25 Summary

Davos finds his cell warmer than he would have expected, though there are as many rats as in any other dungeon. At first, Davos had expected to die of the cough that had bothered him since the siege on King's Landing. However, Maester Pylos gave him a broth, and at one point Davos woke up with leech marks on his arm. Before long, Davos feels better than he has in months and he has two gaolers tending him. Melisandre comes to see him and explains that she protects them just as a torch protects him from the dungeon's darkness. Davos disagrees, remembering when she gave birth to a horrible shadow beneath the Dragonstone. Melisandre assures Davos that Stannis's life-fire burns too low to make another shadow with him, but she offers to make one with Davos. He refuses. She tries to convince Davos that his faith in the Seven is flawed. There are only two gods, one that serves life, light, and fire while the other serves death, darkness, and ice. Davos remains skeptical. Melisandre asks why Davos plotted to kill her, explaining that she saw his plans in her flames. Davos asks why she did not prevent his sons from dying. If Stannis would have brought her to battle, Melisandre maintains, they would have won. Now, Stannis has learned his lesson, which is good since he is neither a lord nor a king. He is actually Azor Ahai reborn, meant to fight the darkness. Days later, Ser Axell brings another traitor to the dungeon, Alester Florent. He explains that he attempted to send peace terms to Lord Tywin. Davos knows that Stannis will never agree to peace when he believes his cause is just.