A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 21 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 21 Summary

Jaime spots a pond and, taunting Brienne, offers to wash her back for her. They argue until they are attacked by brigands armed with bows. Jaime and Brienne charge the bowmen, dispersing them, though not until after Ser Cleos is hit and killed. Jaime feels no sense of loss for his cousin, who is more a Frey than a Lannister, but he does take Cleos's sword. He turns and attacks Brienne, who surprises him with her strength and skill. Brienne winds up on top of Jaime, demanding that he yield. The woods around them suddenly fill with laughter, and Jaime looks up and sees the Brave Companions, a mercenary band that his father has often hired in the past. Jaime welcomes them, not realizing that they switched allegiance to Roose Bolton. When Brienne tries to order them on Lady Catelyn's authority, they ignore her as well. They tie up Brienne and Jaime and take them to Vargo Hoat, their leader. Jaime manages to convince the mercenaries not to rape Brienne by explaining how rich her father is. However, he does not convince Hoat to switch allegiance again to his father. Hoat instead orders his Dothraki sellsword to approach with his arakh. They cut off Jaime's swordhand to send as part of a ransom to Lord Tywin.