Chapter 2 Summary

Catelyn reflects on all the time she spent in Riverrun, her father's castle. Now, she has become a traitor there. She has helped Jaime Lannister escape and she welcomes the consequences, telling the castellan Ser Desmond that she will wear shackles if necessary. He decides to confine her to a tower and Catelyn asks if she might stay in her father's tower. He agrees to this. Lord Hoster Tully is dying and her father is delirious; he babbles to a woman named Tansy, apologizing. Catelyn solves the mystery and concludes that her sister, Lysa, is Tansy. Lysa lost a child and was then offered to Lord Jon Arryn, a marriage that brought the Tullys into Robert's rebellion against the Mad King. She writes to Lysa to tell her about her father's regrets. Catelyn soon learns that Robb has taken an injury in the field. When Catelyn's brother, Edmure, returns from battle, it is two hours before he comes to see Catelyn. He tells her that Stannis has lost the battle at King's Landing. He has also written to Roose Bolton, whose sits at the Harrenhal, commanding him to capture the escaped Jaime Lannister. Catelyn is angry because if Jaime is labeled an escaped prisoner, the Lannisters in King's Landing will feel no compunction to return Catelyn's daughters, Sansa and Arya.