A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 16 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 16 Summary

Sansa is surprised when a woman comes to make a dress for her. She is even more surprised to learn that Queen Cersei sent the seamstress. Sansa would have thought that Margaery had sent a seamstress to make her a dress. Sansa reflects on how close she has grown to the Tyrell family now. Though she views some of the younger members of Margaery's coterie as mere children that talk about how wonderful it would be to give a knight a favor and send him off to kill a hundred men. None of them were there to witness Stannis's attack on King's Landing, nor did they ever have to deal with the Hound. Margaery seems wiser, though she does not realize how terrible Joffrey can be. Sansa tries to warn Margaery, who acknowledges Sansa's bravery but also explains that Loras will protect her. Sansa looks up to Margaery and she looks forward to marrying Willas. When she next goes to the godswood, she tells Dontos that she no longer requires his rescue now that she has the Tyrells. He protests that the Tyrells mean to use her just as the Lannisters did. They are only interested in her claim to Winterfell. However, even if Willas does not marry her for love, Sansa hopes that she earn it.