A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 15 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 15 Summary

Jon has joined Tormund's band and Ygritte has followed him there. The wildlings call themselves the "freefolk" and Jon reflects that this is true. On this day, Tormund has taken Jon to see the giants, who ride mammoths. They are led by Mag Mar Tun Doh Wed, though most refer to him as Mag the Mighty. Jon recalls the song about Joramun, who blew the Horn of Winter, when he sees them, but Ygritte and the wildlings look at them and are reminded of a song about the last of the giants. There used to be many more of them. Ygritte has become something of a problem for Jon. It is clear to all that she means to sleep with him, but Jon does not intend to break his vow of celibacy. When Mance's army discovers the Fist of the First Men, Jon is summoned to his side. Ygritte follows. The men of the Night's Watch might have killed hundreds of the wildlings if they had survived, but now they are dead and defeated. The Others attacked them. Jon did not warn Mance of the Old Bear's force, and it is only when Ygritte declares that they are together that Jon is spared. However, Mance orders Jon and Ygritte to journey south of the Wall with Styr. Dismissed, Ygritte orders Jon to keep his direwolf away that night.