A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 14 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 14 Summary

Catelyn listens to the kennels from her confinement. Robb has returned. She sees a group of knights (they look like Freys) leaving the castle, but she is primarily worried over whether her remaining son will forgive her for having freed Jaime Lannister. When she is summoned to court, Catelyn sees a new family seated with Robb. She does not recognize them. Her thoughts are interrupted by Lord Rickard Karstark, who is furious with Catelyn for freeing the Lannister two of his sons died to capture. Robb, however, forgives Catelyn, explaining that he understands how love can lead people to act rashly. Robb dismisses his lords and introduces Catelyn to his new wife, Jeyne Westerling, who is from a family sworn to the Lannisters. Catelyn realizes that she must forgive Robb as he forgave her, though there is no question that he has lost a considerable part of his army in this marriage. Robb takes her to meet with Edmure. Robb and Ser Brynden Blackfish chastise the lord of Riverrun for battling Tywin Lannister. If Edmure would have allowed Tywin to pass, they could have destroyed the latter's army. Now, they have more enemies and they will have to divide the northerners from the river lords to retake the north and hold the riverlands. But first they will have to win back the Freys.