A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Chapter 12 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 12 Summary

Tyrion waits for Lord Varys, a eunuch and King's Landing's master of whisperers, in Varys's own quarters. Varys is surprised to find Tyrion, but he does not tell Tyrion to leave. Instead, he informs Tyrion on the latest developments in King's Landing. Grand Maester Pycelle has been restored to the small council. When the Conclave in Oldtown had proposed replacing Pycelle with a maester from the Tyrell family, Tywin had chosen a Lannister supporter rather than allowing another potential Tyrell supporter to join the council. Ser Boros Blount has also been returned to his position on the Kingsguard. Varys knows that Tyrion seeks information about Ser Mandon Moore, the knight that attacked Tyrion and left him horribly scarred. However, Tyrion would prefer Varys to find a way to bring Shae to him. Varys arranges a meeting in his own chambers. They sleep together before Shae begins asking Tyrion for favors. Shae does not enjoy working as a maid for Lollys and would prefer that Tyrion return her to her manse outside the city. The singer Symon Silver Tongue has been telling Shae about the upcoming royal wedding and she wants to attend it with Tyrion. She is angry when Tyrion refuses her requests, but when she leaves she tells Tyrion that she knows he must protect her. Symon knows about Tyrion and Shae, so Tyrion seeks out Bronn and commands the sellsword-turned-knight to find Symon before someone else does.