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A Separate Peace

by John Knowles

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Which two places does the narrator visit in A Separate Peace?

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Gene Forrester, the protagonist and narrator of A Separate Peace, goes to two places in the novel to visit friends. 

Gene's first visit happens when he is on his way back to school for the fall/winter term at Devon. Gene visits Finny who is still recovering from the broken leg he suffered when he fell from the tree. At this visit, Gene confesses to Finny that he feels it was his fault that Finny fell from the tree. Gene claims responsibility but Finny refuses to believe him immediately, saying that Gene is out of his head. 

The next trip Gene takes is to Leper's house. Leper Lepelier had enlisted in the armed services then escaped. After returning to his home in Vermont, Leper writes Gene a letter begging him to come. 

Gene goes to Leper's house and has an uncomfortable encounter with his friend, ultimately leaving in anger and hoping to forget everything about the meeting. Leper accuses Gene of being "a savage" and Gene cannot accept the (qualified) truth and guilt of this accusation. 

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