A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition Summary and Analysis Chapters 28 and 29

Ernest Hemingway

Summary and Analysis Chapters 28 and 29

Hemingway describes his ski trips to the Vorarlberg. During the second year, many of his friends and acquaintances were killed by avalanches. This was also the year that the rich tourists showed up. He states that the rich have a “pilot fish,” a person who goes before them to check out the best locations. Hemingway describes a conversation with one such “pilot fish” who is evidently trying to cover up his dislike for his employers by stating that he really does like them. He assures Hemingway that he too will like them, but of course Hemingway does not. He is upset that the coming of the rich has upset the gentle harmony and peace of the skiing community. Eventually he discovers that the pilot...

(The entire section is 977 words.)