A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition Summary and Analysis Chapters 24 and 25

Ernest Hemingway

Summary and Analysis Chapters 24 and 25

Hemingway becomes connected to a “Negro” heavyweight boxer from Canada by the name of Larry Gains. On his return from a trip, Hemingway found a letter from an acquaintance on the editorial staff of the Toronto Star (for which he often wrote while in Paris) asking him to look after Gains while he was in Paris. Though he is skeptical, disbelieving that Jack Renault had been displaced as Canada’s reigning heavyweight champion, Hemingway arranges to meet Gains, and he notices especially his long hands. The length of Gains’s hands made it difficult for him in the past to win a fight because he could not find boxing gloves that fit. Hemingway then begins to work with Gains to get him ready to...

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