A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition Summary and Analysis Chapters 18 and 19

Ernest Hemingway

Summary and Analysis Chapters 18 and 19

Fitzgerald’s drinking prevents him from doing any effective writing, so he avoids drinking when he has work to do. He painfully struggles to come up with anything of any worth, so the alcohol is strenuously avoided as much as he can help it. His wife, Zelda, however, drinks and pressures Fitzgerald to do so and to party more than he wants to. She claims that he wants to spoil her fun, so Fitzgerald often feels obligated to join her. Fitzgerald tells Hemingway that Zelda had once fallen in love with a French pilot, so he is very jealous and desperate to please her. On her part, Zelda is jealous of Fitzgerald’s writing, both of its success and the time he spent on it. Hemingway encourages him to ignore...

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