A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition Summary and Analysis Chapters 16 and 17

Ernest Hemingway

Summary and Analysis Chapters 16 and 17

At this time, Hemingway’s son, “Bumpy,” has been born. The justification for leaving Paris for the mountains at this time is to protect the baby from the cold and the weather in the city. Hemingway himself spends much time in the cafés, working and keeping warm. Hadley goes to play the piano in an unspecified “cold place,” leaving the baby at home along with the cat. Since there are not babysitters at the time, the Hemingways simply let the baby sleep alone in his bed, claiming that the cat offered adequate protection against anyone bothering him. Hemingway dismisses the idea that cats were dangerous to babies, either through sucking their breath or in lying on top of them and smothering them....

(The entire section is 959 words.)