A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition Summary and Analysis Chapters 10 and 11

Ernest Hemingway

Summary and Analysis Chapters 10 and 11

In the evening Hemingway walks the streets, stopping by several cafés and restaurants. He knows several people in them, and he comments how the people he does not know always seem to be “nicer looking.” The people he likes, he states, go to the larger cafés so that they can be lost in them, going unnoticed, either alone or in the company of someone else. On this evening, Hemingway is feeling virtuous, having worked hard all day and having avoided going to the races. He speaks of his poverty, stating that Paris is very cheap and so one can live in it on almost nothing and still have some money for luxuries, if one saved. At this time, he could not go to the races, though it is possible to make...

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