In "A Mother in Mannville," what did Jerry want to buy for himself?

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There is nothing directly stated in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's short story "A Mother in Mannville" that Jerry wants to buy for himself. He tells the narrator that he wants to buy a pair of white gloves for his mother. Here is the quote: " 'I'm going to take the dollar you gave me for taking care of Pat,' he said, 'and buy her a pair of gloves.'" This is somewhat puzzling when one considers the ending of the story, when it is revealed that Jerry doesn't have a mother. Jerry mentions that his mother bought him a pair of skates, as well, which one can infer was not true, in light of the other lie. 

Since the author does not directly state anything that Jerry wants to buy for himself, readers must make inferences about what he does with the money he earns for chopping wood and caring for the narrator's dog.

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