A House for Mr. Biswas Part I, Chapter 1 Summary

V. S. Naipaul

Part I, Chapter 1 Summary

Not long before Mr. Biswas is born, his mother, Bipti, and his father, Raghu, have one of their frequent arguments. Bipti takes her three children and returns to the village where her mother and father live. Bipti's mother, Bissoondaye, sends for the midwife, who delivers the newborn Mohun Biswas later that night. The midwife is alarmed because he has been born with six fingers, and she claims that he will eat up his parents. The next morning the pundit, a local holy man, comes to prophesize about the child's future. He advises that the child should be kept away from trees and water, and says that he will have an unlucky sneeze.

Although Mr. Biswas' sixth finger simply comes off one night before he is more than two...

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