A Horse and Two Goats

by R. K. Narayan

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What did the villagers believe about the horse in "A Horse and Two Goats"?

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Muni explains that the horse statue represents the Redeemer, who will come in the form of a horse to save the good people when the world ends.

The American man wants to buy the horse; Muni is not able to understand this because they don't speak the same language. At the same time, the American is not able to understand that Muni doesn't have the authorization to sell the horse. He ends up giving Muni money and taking the horse when Muni runs away toward his home to tell his wife about the money.

Muni says, "This is our guardian, it means death to our adversaries." The Hindu villagers believe that the horse represents the Redeemer. They believe that when Kali Yuga occurs, both the world they live in and any other world that exists will be destroyed. (Kali Yuga is one of the four stages of Yugas.) The Redeemer comes during Kali Yuga in the shape of a horse. The statue represents that horse who will come to save the good people and kill the bad people.

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