Chapter 9 Summary

Tyrion Lannister is reading in the library when he hears one of the direwolves howling in the distance. He leaves the library to go eat breakfast and stops at the training yard where he finds Prince Joffrey and his guard, Sandor Clegane. Bran's direwolf has been howling since Bran’s fall, and Clegane suggests that he could put it down. Joffrey points out that the Starks would hardly notice the loss of one of their many direwolves, but Tyrion replies that the Starks, unlike Joffrey, can count to six. He then tells Joffrey that he must go to pay his respects to the Starks and when Joffrey replies insolently, Tyrion slaps the prince twice. Joffrey leaves, but Clegane warns Tyrion that the prince will remember such treatment when he is older. Tyrion leaves to join his brother and sister for breakfast. Tommen and Myrcella are there as well. Tyrion looks at his siblings and announces that Bran remains unconscious but is expected to live. Cersei and Jaime look wary. Tyrion next announces that he intends to journey to the Wall before he returns to King’s Landing. After Cersei and her children leave, Jaime declares that if Bran were his son, he would kill the boy rather than let him live as a cripple. Tyrion identifies with Bran and says he would prefer to live. Besides, it would be interesting to hear what Bran has to say, he suggests. At this, Jaime jokes that sometimes he cannot tell whose side Tyrion is on.