Chapter 8 Summary

Bran plays a stick game in Winterfell while King Robert and Lord Eddard have taken their men on a boar hunt to prepare for the final feast of the royal visit. While he plays, Bran recalls stories about Westeros’ most famous knights. And when he travels south to King’s Landing, Bran will be able to meet Ser Barristan the Bold, the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Excited as he is about the journey, Bran knows that he will miss Winterfell, Old Nan and her stories, and even Hodor, the strong stableboy who never says anything but “Hodor.” He considers what he will name his direwolf. Robb has named his “Grey Wind” for his speed and Rickon has named his Shaggydog. Bran decides to go climbing and climbs to the rooftops of Winterfell, his second home. Though Catelyn worries about him, Bran never falls. He decides to go to  a secret place, the Broken Tower. When he arrives, he overhears a conversation. A woman is explaining to a man that he should become the Hand of the King and that Ned’s appointment will pose a threat to them. They begin to discuss Lysa Arryn and her suspicions that they killed her husband, Jon. The man finds the talk boring and tells the woman to come to him, and Bran soon realizes that they are kissing. When Bran looks in the window, he sees the woman: it is the queen. Bran observes that she is with her brother just as the woman sees him. Jaime offers Bran his hand, but when Bran takes it, Jaime tosses the boy into the air.