A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 70 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 70 Summary

Jon almost rides down Samwell Tarly as he leaves the Wall. He intends to journey south to join his brother Robb in war against the Lannisters. Jon worries over breaking his oath, especially when he remembers the deserter his father executed. However, regardless of whether he stays or leaves, he feels that he will be betraying someone. Still, it does not feel right to leave the Night's Watch. Eventually, Jon feels that he has traveled far enough that he can eat. Having stopped, he hears men approaching. It is his brothers: Pyp, Grenn, Toad and the rest that he trained with under Ser Alliser. They surround Jon and tell him that he can either return to the Wall or kill them. Jon returns. When he serves Lord Commander Mormont breakfast, the old man admits that he and Aemon knew Jon would leave. Honor made him leave, but the honor of his brothers brought him back. Now, Mormont explains, Jon will have to make his choice. Beyond the Wall, the dead are rising. Villages that once housed wildlings now stand empty. Mance Rayder, the self-styled King Beyond the Wall, is gathering troops. It seems that he aims to attack the Wall. Mormont announces that he will not wait. He intends to lead his remaining men beyond the Wall. Jon swears that he will not run again.