Chapter 7 Summary

Arya, Lord Eddard’s second daughter, is not good at needlework. Her older sister, Sansa, is excellent at it, and Sept Mordane praises the elder sister. Sansa shows every indication of becoming a perfect lady, unlike Arya. Sansa and Jeyne Poole are gossiping about Prince Joffrey, who told Sansa that she was beautiful. When Septa Mordane criticizes Arya’s stitching, the latter flees the room. Everything comes naturally to Sansa. Arya is only good at horse riding and doing sums. She meets her direwolf, Nymeria, who is named for a warrior princess. Sansa’s direwolf, meanwhile, is named “Lady.” Together, Arya and Nymeria go to the practice yard to watch the boys practice their swordplay. She finds Jon, who invites her to watch Bran beat Prince Tommen with a wooden practice sword. Ser Rodrick asks whether Robb and Joffrey would like to duel again and Robb agrees. Joffrey expresses disdain for practice swords and suggests they use “live steel.” The Lannisters and their men mock Robb, but Ser Rodrick will not allow the two boys to fight with real swords. The Lannisters leave the practice grounds and Jon suggests that Arya return to her needlework as well. When Arya claims that it is not fair that she spend her time stitching rather than training with a sword, Jon replies that nothing is fair.