A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 69 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 69 Summary

Tyrion watches as Tywin Lannister receives word that Jaime has been captured. Worse, the courier explains, the Starks have retaken Riverrun and have defeated Jaime's army. Now, Tywin's host is cut off from its base, Casterly Rock, in the west. The Arryns gather their strength in the east. Word from the south is that Renly has wed Margaery Tyrell of Highgarden. Now, Renly has declared himself king. In the storm lands, Stannis still gathers ships and swords, and even a Shadowbinder from Asshai. When one of Tywin's captains proposes that they sue for peace, Tyrion reminds them that Joffrey killed Ned Stark. There will be no peace, especially not while Robb Stark is so clearly winning the war. Tywin dismisses his captains. He tells his brother, Ser Kevan, to prepare the army for a march to the Harrenhal. After, he commands Tyrion to travel to King's Landing. Cersei and the Small Council have clearly failed to control Joffrey, so Tyrion will rule instead. Tyrion realizes that Tywin has given Jaime up for dead. Though he is angry, Tyrion says nothing. Tywin does command Tyrion to rule, but he also forbids Tyrion from taking Shae to court. When Tyrion returns to his tent, he finds Shae and tells her that they are going to King's Landing.