A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 67 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 67 Summary

Sansa is haunted by dreams of her father's execution. She also dreams of Ser Ilyn Payne coming to kill her. However, it is Joffrey who finally interrupts her mourning. He is attended by three of the kingsguard. He commands Sansa to come to court that afternoon. Sansa begs to return to Winterfell, swearing that she does not have the "traitor's blood." She wrote the letters and had been promised mercy. Joffrey explains that he had mercifully executed a traitor. When Sansa declares that she hates Joffrey, the king has Ser Meryn slap her. Sandor tells her to do as Joffrey pleases. That afternoon, Ser Meryn Trant arrives. As she talks to him, she realizes that Ser Meryn does not care about anything. At court, Sansa watches as Joffrey makes his proclamations. Most cases do not amuse him, but he has a thief's hand cut off, he announces that two knights shall fight to the death over a piece of land, and he has a woman carried to the dungeons when she asks for the head of a traitor. Sansa realizes that, in life, the monsters win. After, Joffrey takes Sansa to the parapet and commands that she look at her father's head. During their walk, Joffrey explains that he will impregnate her as soon as she is ready. He worries that Sansa will bear children as stupid as she is; however, if that proves to be true, he will execute her and marry a smarter woman. After his name day, he will raise a host and march off to kill Robb. When Sansa replies that perhaps Robb will defeat Joffrey, the king has Ser Meryn strike her again. Sansa considers jumping off the parapet, but Sandor Clegane steps in front of her and wipes the blood from her face. Always the proper lady, Sansa thanks him.