A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 66 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 66 Summary

Bran watches as Ser Rodrik trains new recruits as Maester Luwin studies a comet. The new recruits do not look very impressive but since Ned and Robb took all of the fighting men with them, more need to be trained. Bran tells Luwin that he has dreamt about the one-eyed crow again: he had talked to Ned in Winterfell's crypts. Now, however, Hodor refuses to go into the crypts. Bran insists that they go to the crypt to see if Ned Stark is there, so they summon Osha. Bran examines the statues of the Kings of Winter and is struck by how fierce the old kings look. When they reach the empty tomb that awaits Ned, Shaggydog springs from the dark tomb and attacks Maester Luwin until Summer comes to his rescue. Rickon comes out of the darkness and tells Shaggy to stop. Rickon also dreamt of Ned's return. Bran decides that they should all go to the Maester's tower. There, Osha explains that the children of the forest still exist beyond the Wall. Luwin does not believe her. He explains to Bran that the children existed during the Dawn Age, before kings came. They fought with obsidian swords and arrowheads and their wise men were called greenseers. They carved faces into weirwoods to keep watch on the woods. When the First Men appeared with their bronze swords, they cut down the forests. They fought the children until the First Men and the children made a pact: the deep woods were to remain forever the children's, and no more weirwoods would be cut down. The Pact ended the Dawn Age and began the Age of Heroes. Then the Andals crossed the seas, brought the new gods, and conquered the southern six kingdoms. Only in the North did the First Men remain. The children fled. The history ends when Summer begins howling: a raven arrives bearing the news of Ned Stark's death.