A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 64 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 64 Summary

Daenerys watches the flies that circle Khal Drogo. He is riding his horse, barely conscious. He has not followed the maegi's instructions. He removed the poultice, imbibed poppy wine and beer, and does not eat at night. When Khal Drogo falls from his horse, Dany rushes to help him. She orders that the khalasar stop. She has Drogo moved to her tent and sends for Ser Jorah. When he arrives, he explains that the khalasar will consume itself. A khal that cannot ride cannot lead, regardless of how many victories he has won. And now, Jorah explains, the khal that wins control over the majority of the riders will take Dany's child and feed it to dogs to prevent it from becoming a threat. The bloodriders will die with Drogo and Daenerys will be taken to Vaes Dothrak to join the crones. Dany refuses to leave Drogo. When Mirri Maz Duur arrives, she announces that the wound has festered. When Drogo's bloodriders attack the maegi, Dany commands them to stop. Jorah backs up her command with his sword. She commands Jorah to put on his armor. Mirri Maz Duur explains that Drogo cannot be saved, but explains that there is a magic way to save him. It will require a price however; only death can pay for life. A stallion is slaughtered as the maegi chants. Dany commands the men to burn the carcass after she and the others leave the tent. When Jorah arrives, he is dismayed by what he finds. Inside the tent, she sees Mirri Maz Duur dancing with shadows. Qotho returns and tries to enter the tent but Ser Jorah confronts him and draws. Dany's water breaks as Qotho's sword lodges itself in Jorah's leg. The knight slays the bloodrider, but other Dothraki arrive, now attacking for control of the horde. Jorah summons midwives, but none will come because Dany is cursed. Jorah carries Dany, despite her protestations, into the tent to Mirri Maz Duur.