A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 63 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 63 Summary

Catelyn waits in the woods with her guard of thirty men. She recalls all of the men that have told her to wait over the years. She had waited on the battlements for her father to return from his excursions, sometimes for days. Later, Brandon Stark had bid her wait on him though it was Eddard that had returned to marry her. Ned had waited only a fortnight before riding to battle. He left her pregnant with a son but returned with another woman's son. Now she waits for Robb to return from his attack on Jaime Lannister. She recalls how her uncle, Brynden, reported on Jaime Lannister's troops. The Kingslayer had divided his army into three forces in order to lay siege to Riverrun. Each of the forces is divided by a river. An impatient man, Lannister rides out with his men to attack every raid. It was in this way that Robb's forces were able to draw him into their trap. When Robb returns from the ambush, Catelyn learns that Lord Karstark lost both of his sons, who died defending Robb from the Kingslayer. Now, Theon is thrilled with victory. Catelyn cautions the men to remember that the war will not be over until they defeat Lord Tywin. Although they have Jaime Lannister, his forces still surround Riverrun.