A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 61 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 61 Summary

Daenerys rides through fields of the dead. Drogo's men are attacking and raping the remaining Lhazareen, a people that the Dothraki refer to as the "Lamb Men." The Lhazareen were initially attacked by Khal Ogo but Drogo and his khalasar attacked and defeated both. Dany asks Ser Jorah about the attack while Drogo's men rape a girl behind them. When Dany can stand it no more, she commands Jorah to stop the men from raping the Lhazareen. Jorah explains that there is an agreement between a khal and his khalasar: once the men have shed blood for him, they may claim their reward. Dany's Dothraki servants explain that the Lamb Men do not matter. Dany nevertheless claims the woman as her own slave. Jorah tells Dany that she is like Rhaegar before he leaves to save the girl. Dany enters the town and stops every rape she encounters. She finds Drogo, wounded. When he hears what Dany has done, he allows Dany to keep the women that she has claimed, even when his bloodrider, Qotho, objects. When Drogo tries to rise, Dany sees that he is in pain. Drogo dismissed the healers so that they could serve his men, but now Dany calls them back. One of the women Dany claimed offers to heal Drogo. She introduces herself as Mirri Maz Duur, a godswife of the temple. One of Drogo's men declares her a maegi. She explains that she was trained in Asshai by the Shadow in the far east by a man, Marwyn, who wore a chain of many metals around his neck. When Jorah realizes Marwyn is a maester, she is allowed to proceed. She withdraws the arrow, applies a poultice, and instructs Drogo to allow the poultice to do its work. Drogo responds that he will do as he likes. Dany asks the maegi to help her deliver Drogo's child.