A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 54 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 54 Summary

Daenerys and Khal Drogo have just made love. He rises, intending to hunt a white lion, but Dany tries to convince him that their son will need to cross the Narrow Sea to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Drogo disagrees. The world consists of land that horses can travel on. When their son is born, he intends to take the khalasar east. Dany drops the subject but wonders how she will convince her husband to conquer the Seven Kingdoms for her. She summons Ser Jorah Mormont and explains her dilemma. Jorah thinks Khal Drogo likely imagines the Seven Kingdoms as a few small islands. In the meantime, a caravan has arrived from the west. Jorah invites Dany to visit the Western Market. She agrees. Once there, Jorah soon leaves to find a captain that should be delivering a letter to him. Dany offers to join him, but Jorah refuses. Assuming that Jorah is visiting a brothel, she continues until she makes her way to a wine merchant. When he learns who Dany is, he offers her a cask of wine. Jorah returns and insists that the merchant drink it himself. The merchant tries to refuse, then tries to escape, and finally is captured. Jorah explains that he had just received word that King Robert is offering land and wealth to anyone that assassinates Dany and her child. They return to camp and tell Drogo, who has returned, wounded, from his hunt. When he learns what has happened, Drogo swears that he will conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Dany returns to her tent and puts her dragon eggs into a fire, but nothing happens. As the khalasar prepares to leave, Dany notices the wine merchant, who will walk behind the horses. Nothing will happen to him, so long as he can keep up.