A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 52 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 52 Summary

Jon listens as Ser Jaremy Rykker identifies Othar and Jafer Flowers, two men that had been with Ben Stark during his ranging. Months have passed, but there has still been no word of Ben Stark's fate. Now, Jon, Lord Commander Mormont, Sam, and several rangers examine the dead men. They initially think that the men were killed by Mance Rayder's wildlings, but Sam points out that the wounds of the dead men indicate that they died far from the Wall. Though their wounds are terrible, there is no blood splattered on the ground. The bodies spook the men, their dogs, and the horses; only Ghost seems calm around them. The bodies are also strange because they have blue eyes, though no one remembers Othar and Flowers having blue eyes when they left. Mormont orders that the bodies be returned to the Wall for further inspection. Once there, they learn that King Robert has died and that Lord Eddard Stark is being held prisoner on charges of treason. When Alliser Thorne mocks Jon about Ned being a traitor, Jon attacks. Jon is stopped, taken away, and imprisoned with only Ghost for company. That night, Jon wakes and discovers that his guard has been killed. Othar, though dead, is animated and attacking. Ghost fights off the wight and Jon manages to save Lord Commander Mormont by lighting a drape on fire and throwing it at the dead man.